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Do you take insurance?

No, we do not take insurance. However, a 'superbill' can be provided upon request that you can submit to your insurance company to inquire about possible reimbursement. 

Why don't you take insurance?

We do not take insurance simply because we believe quality care is sacrificed when insurance is involved. Due to low reimbursement rates, insurance dependent practices are restrained not only by time, but also in what they can do for their clients, thus resulting in sharing your therapist with 3-4 other clients at a time which results in less than ideal experiences and outcomes. We believe that without these constraints, we can provide a high quality therapeutic experience for clients along with a team based approach towards their goals!

Do I need a MD prescription to see you?

Nope! The state of California is a direct-access state - which means you can see a physical therapist without having to go to your Medical Doctor first. However, California is 'patient access with provisions' which means you can see a therapist up to 12 visits or 45 days (whichever comes first), before needing a MD prescription to continue.

How do I schedule a consult or eval?

You can simply -

1) Schedule a FREE 20-min Discovery Call here:


2) OR fill out a CONTACT form above

Your choice!

Do you have a cancellation/no show policy?

What can I expect from the first visit?

During our first session, we take the time to talk about what your story is and what your goals are. Together, we dive into the root cause of your pain, and cultivate a plan to tackle it. Our first session with each client usually runs 60-90 minutes.

As we converse, we will be going through a number of movement assessments and exercises, as time permits. Please dress in comfortable active wear that doesn't restrict movement.

Yes, we would really appreciate it if you could provide us a 24 hour notice to cancel an appointment. Any notice less than 24 hours, there will be a fee. No-shows will be charged the full price of the planned visit.

We do understand that sometimes life comes up & things get in the way - which is why we do review each request case by case and then proceed with the appropriate actions.

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