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Physical Therapist/Athletic Trainer
Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt

Diana is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Athletic Trainer based in Southern California. Diana's interest in martial arts started at a young age, but in 2018, she re-found Jiu Jitsu & began training seriously.


Diana's passion is guiding her clients through the confusing waters of rehab, performance, and recovery, as well as, continuing to learn about the community and how to build better, stronger, & healthier grapplers.

Diana currently trains at UACTP in Downtown LA under Isaac Doederlein.


Physical Therapist/Strength Coach
Jiu Jitsu 
Purple Belt

Daisuke is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach with years of experience with treating clients with orthopedic and sports-related injuries.


In the last 15 years, Daisuke discovered his passion with martial arts and trained in Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Judo, and BJJ. Although his competition days has ended, he wanted to help the people involved in these activities to continue what they love and to perform at their best by being their guide and coach.


Massage Therapist/Physical Therapy Student
Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

Kris is a student in Physical Therapy school at USC, and a Certified Massage Therapist in Los Angeles County.

Kris is black belt in BJJ under John Machado. He is 5 years into his black belt & teaches, trains, and massages the Jiu Jitsu Community throughout the Southern California. Él habla Español, e ele fala Portugues.

Kris currently trains & teaches at the Coop BJJ in Culver City/Palms, CA.

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