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"You should probably find a new hobby"

"I think it's best you quit Jiu Jitsu"

"You won't be able to train forever"

Sound familiar? I bet.

Sound reasonable? Absolutely not.

Our Mission at Open Mat Physio is to show you that you don't have to 'quit jiu jitsu'.

We build better, stronger grapplers every single day by doing a comprehensive Jiu Jitsu specific assessment, identifying weak links to start working on & then developing a plan to get you back to training ASAP!

You'll never have to question if you can get back to training because we're here to help you get there.

See you on the mats!!​​


Jess K.

Blue Belt

Stout PGH Renzo Gracie

"Diana saw me through one of the worst injuries I’ve ever dealt with, and not only did she get me back on the mat, but she’s gotten me feeling stronger and more injury-resistant without feeling tired or sore from her programming. I can always rely on her advice for handling everything from the smallest of tweaks to the most serious setbacks thanks to the individualized care Open Mat Physio prides itself on. 15/10 would recommend to any grappler regardless of age, experience, health, or injury."

Thomaz E.

Black Belt

Caique Jiu Jitsu

"I had chronic neck pain for the majority of my life doing jiu jitsu, with some debilitating flare ups that made me lose sensation & grip in my arm. After working with Open Mat Physio, I regained my strength (& some) & don't have nerve issues anymore.
Diana literally gave me the tools to change my life. I thought pain and injury were something I just had to live with especially as I got older,
it's not."

Mateo T.

Black Belt

Academy Jiu Jitsu Checkmat

"Tweaking my lower back was a common thing for me while training jiu-jitsu, throwing it off a couple times a year. In July of 2021 I hurt it so bad I was out for over 5 months. When I contacted Diana, she gave me a routine that put me back on the mat in a little over a month, plus a routine I still use to this day to keep my back strong and healthy. I haven’t hurt my back in almost 2 years, and I attribute that to her help and guidance. Very thankful for Open Mat Physio!"

Garrett G.

Purple Belt

PSF Los Angeles

"Working with Diana from OMP was a game changer! I was dealing with shoulder problems for a while which kept me off the mats. She was able to accurately assess the issue with my shoulders and gave me exercises that I still use over a year later to keep my shoulders healthy for grappling. Highly recommend!" 
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